How To Find And Remove Core Files In Linux?

What is a"Core file" ? Ans : A core file is created when a program is crashed/stoped abnormally due to some bug. This will be huge size which contains all the memory info, crash info which is used for programmers to debug the issue and find a solution or patch to that bug.

Why we system administrators are interested in that core files?
Ans : This is because of their size. As we do monitoring of systems on daily basis but suddenly your disk is full one day when you came to office, you are total blank thinking how come disk is full though there is no much user activity etc. So core files are one reason which will eat up our disk. Which you have to check for when sudden disk activity is observed.

How to find core files ?
#find / -name core

This find command will search entire filesystem for core files.. once you find them use rm command to remove those files..
#rm -rf core

So how it got its name?
A core dump file gets its name from an old memory technology using tiny magnetic cores for storage.

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