Failed To Make Swap Directory Cache (13) Permission Denied


When installing squid as cache server you have to create cache folder with “squid -z” command with out quotes. But when you are trying this you will see

/usr/local/squid/sbin# ./squid -z
2010/04/29 22:39:16
Creating Swap Directories

FATAL : Failed to make swap directory /usr/local/squid/var/cache: (13) Permission denied

Squid Cache (Version 2.5.STABLE5) : Terminated abnormally.

CPU Usage : 0.000 seconds = 0.000 user + 0.000 sys

This is due to that /usr/local/squid/var/cache folder is not owned by effective user. To resolve this issue follow below steps

Step1 : Create squid user(A normal user) if the squid user is not there

#useradd squid

Step2 : Specify the effective user entry in squid.conf file with squid as username by editing it.

#vi /usr/local/squid/etc/squid.conf

change the entry from

# cache_effective_user nouser


cache_effective_user squid

Save the file now

Step3 : Now change the ownership of the cache folder to squid user

#chown -R squid.squid /usr/local/squid/var/cache

Step4 : Now create cache directory with squid -z command

#squid -z

Now you will be out of issue.

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  • How To Change The Date In Linux?


    How can we change the date/time in linux?
    Ans : Changing date in linux is bit confusing. If you want to change date in GUI its very much easy and if you want to change it when it comes to CLI its bit hard to remember it.

    Date is the command to check whats the present date

    To change the date use below command

    MM => Two digit month value

    DD => Two digit day value

    HH => Two digit hour value

    MM => Two digit minuite value

    YYYY => Four digit year value

    ss => Two digit seconds value(very rare we will be using this)

    Example1 : I want to change the date to Nov 24 1:36 PM 2010

    #date 112413362010

    Example2 : I want to change the date to Jan 9th 8:05.04 AM 2010

    #date 010908052010.04

    Now the date will be changed to your required date.

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