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Do you like Have written a tutorial and would you like to share it with others, you can publish it on Register your self by sending a mail to about your interest. We will contact you back.

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Do and don't :

  • Please do not submit copy righted content(You must either be the author of the material or have the original author's consent to publish it).
  • Please don't submit incomplete tutorials - we can publish only finished tutorials and you can take help from us if you struck with some where.
  • You can submit even small topics too, for quantity does not matter. Only quality matters.
  • If you are good at grammer/vocabalory and saw any mistakes in you are always welcome to mail
Note : Please note that it will take some time for us in-order to publish your Tutorials on our site. For immidiate responce please mail to

Important : It is possible that we have some other tutorials in the queue, so it will take a few days for us to publish your tutorial, so please be patient. But we will publish it :-)

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