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  • Consulting And Advertising On My Site


    About me : I am skilled Unix/Linux administrator with 4+ years of extensive knowledge on Linux related issues.
    You can hire me on hourly/weekly/monthly basics for your server support.

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  • Red Hat EL Training


    About me : I am skilled Unix admin with 6+ years on Linux administration and 4+ years of proven Unix administration industry experience. I have experience in corporate training too. Cources which I offer are.

    1. RHCE.
    2. Advanced redhat linux server administration.
    3. Shell scripting.
    4. Perl scripting.
    5. AWK/SED scripting.
    6. RHCE moke tests.
    Discreption : RHCE

    • History of linux
    • Red Hat
    • Features of linux
    • Runlevels and Terminals
    • Linux Booting
    • Instlation of linux
    • Basic file and folder operations
    • Advanced file and folder operations
    • "ls" command explination
    • Linux directory structure
    • About linux
    • Bash shell explination
    • VI editor
    • Special commands
    • Searching commands
    • Process management
    • Archiving and compresssing
    • Basic network configuration& monitoring
    • Printer configuration
    • User mgmt
    • Advanced user mgmt
    • User files editing
    • Sticky bit and SGID
    • Disk mgmt
    • Linux file system
    • Linux file formats
    • Partitioning,formatting,mounting,permanent mounting ext and ext3
    • Mounting windows partation's
    • Swap mgmt
    • LVM
    • RAID
    • Crontab(scheduling)
    • Package mgmt
    • .sh,rpm,and YUM
    • Troubleshooting linux box

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  • Advertise On Linuxnix.com


    Advertise on Linuxnix.com

    Linuxnix.com audience will come and visit site for how-to's, Tutorials, configuration of servers, News, Hardware reviews. The audience come from diverse feilds such as freshers, Linux admins, Programmers, security admin's and network admins.

    What type of ads we support?

    At present we accept two types of ad campaign
    1. Text ads
    a. 2 lines of text, which should not contain more then 10 words/100 letters
    b. A link to your site
    c. Cost's:$5/month

    2. Image/Text ads
    a.15x15 image ads
    b. Cost's:$10/month

    Terms and Condition:

    1. We don't support ads on drugs, sexually implicit ads, cracking and gambling.

    How can I place an order?

    • Payment only via paypal (both debit and credit cards are accepted).
    • Send your ad and payment or questions to mailto:vivek@nixcraft.com
    • Don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!

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