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About me : I am skilled Unix/Linux administrator with 4+ years of extensive knowledge on Linux related issues.
You can hire me on hourly/weekly/monthly basics for your server support.

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  • Red Hat EL Training


    About me : I am skilled Unix admin with 6+ years on Linux administration and 4+ years of proven Unix administration industry experience. I have experience in corporate training too. Cources which I offer are.

    1. RHCE.
    2. Advanced redhat linux server administration.
    3. Shell scripting.
    4. Perl scripting.
    5. AWK/SED scripting.
    6. RHCE moke tests.
    Discreption : RHCE

    • History of linux
    • Red Hat
    • Features of linux
    • Runlevels and Terminals
    • Linux Booting
    • Instlation of linux
    • Basic file and folder operations
    • Advanced file and folder operations
    • "ls" command explination
    • Linux directory structure
    • About linux
    • Bash shell explination
    • VI editor
    • Special commands
    • Searching commands
    • Process management
    • Archiving and compresssing
    • Basic network configuration& monitoring
    • Printer configuration
    • User mgmt
    • Advanced user mgmt
    • User files editing
    • Sticky bit and SGID
    • Disk mgmt
    • Linux file system
    • Linux file formats
    • Partitioning,formatting,mounting,permanent mounting ext and ext3
    • Mounting windows partation's
    • Swap mgmt
    • LVM
    • RAID
    • Crontab(scheduling)
    • Package mgmt
    • .sh,rpm,and YUM
    • Troubleshooting linux box

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