How To Switch From One Terminal to Other?


This post totally deals with changing the terminals In Linux. There are 7 terminals (a terminal is a software which is used an interface between Linux kernel and user. First 6 terminals are text terminals because they are operated totally in text mode. And the last 7ht terminal is graphical terminal. So if you want to switch from one terminal to other the procedure is to press ctrl+alt+function keys for example you want to access 6th terminal you can press ctrl+alt+f6 keys. Simultaneously there is another procedure to access the terminals there is a command chvt(change virtual terminal) is used to change the terminals for example you want to switch to terminal 3 just type the below thing in your shell.
chvt 3

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  • How To Run Commands In Backgroud?


    How to run commands in background when you logout?
    Ans :
    Actually in Linux/nix we cant run the commands in background when we logged out.

    Let me put in this way by taking an example :
    Supose you have logged in to a remote system by using ssh so you want to run a process background though you have logged out ? This can be achived by using the nohup command. Below is the man help for nohup.

    No Hang Up. Run a command immune to hangups, runs the given command with hangup signals ignored, so that the command can continue running in the background after you have logged out.

    SYNTAXnohup Command [Arg].
    `nohup' increases the scheduling priority of COMMAND by 5, this gives a slightly lower priority. If standard output is a terminal, it and standard error are redirected so that they are appended to the file `nohup.out'; if that cannot be written to, they are appended to the file `$HOME/nohup.out'. If that cannot be written to, the command is not run.

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