Right Click To Open A Document

How to open a document/spreed sheet or any office document on right clicking with mouse on a desktop or in a folder in Linux(Ubuntu/Redhat)?
Ans : By default there is no option to open a document/spreed sheet on right clicking on a desktop or in a folder, This is default option in Window$. If you are core windows user and recently shifted to linux you will think why its not there in Linux. And how to get your right click option.

For those people here is the post for you guys on how to do it..

Step 1 : Check whether Templates directory in your home directory or not?
If this ls command did not show Templates folder please create one in your home directory
$ mkdir ~/Templates

Step2 : Now open a empty office document and just save it in to the Templates directory

Note : Please save the doc to windows xp doc extention if you want to open the docs in Windows. By default all the documents will be saved as .odt

Step3 : Now check by right clicking on empty desktop or in a folder whether you can see your option to open a new office document or not.

Enjoy the hack.

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