Recovering Ubuntu Grub bootloader

I was having trouble with Windows and I installed Ubuntu on my laptop. Unfortunately I re-installed windows after Ubuntu and now I don't have the option of viewing the boot menu to select Ubuntu. I was using the dual boot mode. Is there a way to view the boot menu in Windows XP that will allow me to select Unbuntu again?

This is some what tricky question, acutually when you install Ubuntu the bootloader "GRUB" will take care of MBR(Master boot record) and boot menu details such as OS's present either its a linux/nix or windows, because GRUB is a universal bootloader which will understand most of the OS's. But it is not the case with Windows bootloader boot.ini which cant not understand other then Windows,

So when you reinstall windows after Ubuntu, the Windows OS will rewrite the MBR and bootmenu with its own parameters. So your system doesnot know where Ubuntu/linux is located

To resolve this issue just use Ubuntu live cd and reinstall GRUB boot loader.

If you are using Redhat and windows follow below procedure
Step1 : Insert the first cd of your linux and boot from cd.

Step2 : Start with linux rescue method.

Step3 : Mount the partitions via chroot.

then install grub through

#grub-install /dev/hdc

Step4 : reboot
now u will get GRUB loader and your Linux will be rescued.

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