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When I first started working on Linux, I am interested in knowing how some of our Linux gurus in some online communities/forums/groups/user groups got started troubleshooting in Linux. So here i am going to tell you how to do Linux troubleshooting which I started back in 2004 when i am in my finial year B.E.

Quick way of doing troubleshooting
1)When I had a problem i will first look in to error either on console or log files which are most of the time located in /var/log folder
2)If I still unable to find the root cause of the issue i will just Google it by just pasting the error code,most of the times i will get answers here if the issue is some what basic.
3)Then post the issue in online forums,groups and orkut communities,Definitely experts will help you.
4)Discuss with your seiners and friends who are in this Linux administration and try some thing.
5)Last but not least try this if the servers are not in production environment restart the service and try to see you are able to resolve the issue and still if you face the issue try to reboot the server.

Long way of doing troubleshooting
1)Study much about man pages,help pages on system and online documentation such as

2)Participate in online

* forums(example, etc)
* groups(yahoo groups is best place and the google groups)
* Communities in
* Read Linux blogs such as

3)Start with something you wanted to accomplish, for example, long time back i want to read one of my CHM format file in Linux which is by default not supported so I did a lot of googling. When
I got as far as I could, I would then ask people who knew more.
I think that's one way to start--find something specific you want to
accomplish and figure out how to do it. Usually, in the course of doing
it, you'll learn additional things that will help you with your next
4)Learn about other distro's which will improve your cross OS knowledge best place to learn is Just downloading distros and dual booting to them.
5)Always update your self with latest technologies in linux

these are my personal experiences which I learn, please let me know your way of troubleshooting.

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