Swap Management - II

Advanced Swap management
Actually its advantageous if we create swap partition separately if the server is not having any raw space left what we can do ? At any cost we have to increase the swap to improve the system productivity 
To come out of this situation there is one solution provided by Linux e.i we can create a swap file with in all ready existing and using partition if that partition is having sufficient free space

Step1:Switch off all the swap before any swap management

#swapoff -a

Step2:Determine what is the swap size we required(here i am taking 128MB) and execut the following command with count equal to 131072 (because 131072 is equal to 128M)

#dd if=/dev/zero of=/swapfile bs=1024 count=131072

Step3:Now set this swap file in order to use this file as swap

#mkswap /swapfile

Step4:Edit the /etc/fstab file to specify the swap file for perminient swap space

#vi /etc/fstab

/swapfile    swap    defaults    0 0


Step5:Update the kernel about the mount table changes

#mount -a

Step6:After managing the swap on the swap

#swapon -a

Step6:Check weather the swap space is updated or not by using following commands

#free -m   
#swapon -s 
#cat /proc/swaps

Removing swap:

Step1:Before doing any thing with swap first we have to switch of the swap

#swapoff -v /swapfile

Step2:Remove/comment the entry of swap from /etc/fstab file

#vi /etc/fstab

then save and exit

Step3:update the kernel about mount table changes

#mount -a

Step4:Remove the swapfile permanently 

#rm /swapfile

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