Light Weight Linux 2

Yet another light weight linux for window's users :
And Linux is another distro that runs inside windows like wubi. It uses co Linux and is based on Ubuntu. It will allow you to run Linux applications in Windows. It is yet one more option for running Linux and is a way to get your feet wet without even leaving Windows.
Purists will cringe because it does not free the user from Windows problems such as viruses and fragmented hard drives since it sits on a top of Windows, but it is just something to consider. If you are stuck with using windows in your day job and want to add a little Ubuntu flavor then give it a try.

Visit them at :

I have tried other kinds of CoLinux in the past, but this one is Ubuntu based. I think that it was called Topogilinux when I used it and it was not Ubuntu flavored. I am not sure if they are the same project or just similar. Anyway it works and is easy to setup.

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